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The Second Short Story I Have Written
City of Villians Character Pix
The first short story I wrote.
The Second Short Story I Have Written
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Shattered Souls: Coming back...




Chapter 1A

Time: 25:25Twlight Hour N.E Standard

Location: Deep Space, uncharted sector, In the Dauntless Wind, cockpit.


Twilight hour, the one period of time and space when everything changes. Time freezes and everyone in the universe is paralyzed in a coffin of oddity. Those who spread peace destroy it, those who create war, destroy everything in their path, and eventually themselves. Where all smugglers kill, were all crime lords purge gangs and citizens, were all the Karanos annihilate planet after planet. It becomes an intergalactic blood bath. But in this place in time of space, none of that is here. Every waking moment I breathe through seems like a solar century. Every blink I make, Every breath seems like the longest ever. The sweat runs down, slowly plugging along...


What is it that makes the universe act like his, what is it that drives everyone crazy? So many questions so little time.

Jom closed his eyes, only for a moment, to find himself asleep, yet awake, awake in another place. He blinked, blinked again, shook himself to see if he was awake... asleep, but awake. He turned and looked in every direction. It was all tinted a deep blue with blackness. The ground fell out from below him, like tiles in a floor. He fell, spinning slowly with his hand extended reaching for something, anything. With that he hit another floor. He stood up. This place was tinted a dull red. Jom heard a faint humming, and it grew louder and louder until it was on top of him. He saw it now it was... it was him. It was himself, driving his fathers old speeder. He saw it go, leaving a whirlwind behind it. Jom looked around, confused. What was this place? Jom started to walk, he choose a direction and walked. He had walked for some time, yet everything was the same. Frustrated, he sat down. As he lowered himself, a chair appeared under him, as if to catch him. Surprised, he jumped up. He looked with utter confusion, seeing that it was his flight chair in his ship. He sat, and the chair rocketed up. It stopped, in a room that was of a pink tint. There he saw faces of women, lots of them. Tons he had never seen, but somehow, he did recognize them. As a stranger that knew them all to well. They all seemed dazed, or in a trance, with a kind of love struck face on all them. He saw one that he recognized, a young girl. He got out of there and walked to wear the picture seemed to be hanging. It was Kaela. Jom shook his head a turned to run. His head began to fill with feelings that had been killed. He tripped and coughed. He was choking on memories, dead memories. Memories that were destroyed, yet they were still there. It came back to him. All the horror, love, deceit. All in one big wave. Jom screamed an empty scream. No noise, no painful scream of terror, just an open mouth and a burning heart and mind. Jom crumpled up, his armor acting as if it was a part of him, bending with him and his pain. A single fell from his face, it fell for what had seemed like eternity. The tear hit the floor, making a splash of bright color. The tear lingered there, turning into a puddle, and somehow expanding. Jom could bear it no longer; he threw himself into the huge puddle, splashing bright teal and pink. He found himself in the same blue tinted room. The pain subsided. Then Jom found a figure in a distance; it was coming to him, very fast. Jom whipped his pistol and aimed. The figure zoomed to him at an uncanny pace. It was a young girl; in fact, it was Kaela, again. She looked at Jom, and simply said Follow Jom holstered his pistol, following, knowing he had no other alternative. She sung a song, innocently. La la la la la. Jom had given up trying to figure it all out; it is what it is. Jom was happy to hear the clunking of his boots, he knew at least some of it was real. The blue began to turn to black, and his boots got loader. The familiar clunk had become louder than a hyper boom. Jom stopped walking and put his helm-visor over. But the thumping persisted, it got louder and louder, closer and closer. Jom turned on night-vision, and drawled his pistol. The night-vision showed a perfectly clear day. Jom was befuddled. No matter, he searched from where the loud ruckus was coming from. It turned out to another women. So had a pink tinted skin, with deep glowing purple eyes? Saritus... The Nolfan he had met not so long ago. Jom knew she liked him, he had a funny way of getting women to like him. He hated that fact about him. She walked up to him. Jom was awestruck by quite a few things. First was the outfit, and second, that the place he was, turned into Sarituss palace room. Jom found himself on a bed. Saritus came closer; Jom had a fervor come over him. He began to fire his pistol rapidly, the bullets made a ripple in time and space when the left the barrel. The bullets stopped and began to do a little dance, then exploded into flower petals. Jom was awed, and saw the Saritus was on him. His visor came down and Saritus place her hands on the sides of his head. He was falling down another dark portal. His world went blank and found himself, alone in the dark. He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them. The place was dark, but he was white, glowing white. Another glowing white figure came to him. She kneeled down in front of him. She stared long and hard into his eyes, with a kind of sensitive look. She then embraced Jom, and kissed him. The white turned into a soothing purple. Joms head illuminated with a dull pink glow. Neon orange surges rippled through him. The white figure, battered, scarred and crippled, was glowing. A dull purple wrapped around him. The orange covered the figure scars and wounds, and closed them. The dull pink turned bright. Some thing from this mysterious other was healing him. His battered and bruised heart, his torn mind, and his scarred body. All being healed, with a kind of love. One which Jom had never felt before. Pure and true loved. It flowed through him like a force of its own. The female figure and Jom became one for a moment. The love flowed through them both, healing. Then as they had come together, they came apart; the female had turned a deep blue. The blue then went to a dull red. She smiled and a tear fell, and the ground rippled pink. Jom had given love, one of things that died in him a long time ago. His eyes opened, revealing a blinding green. He then shattered. A new man had been born, he stood tall with the same scars, but he stood, proud, and with a small smile. He extended his hand to the woman. She took his hand, and they turned to face the darkness. In the distance he saw images of he mother and father, and all those he had known. All smiling at him. A tear fell from his face, hit the ground and rippled pink...


Jom awakened then, eyes wide open as he gasped. Jom shook himself, he felt like a new. Rested, ready, and eager. He found the pendent the Saritus had given him. Odd that it was there, he had put it around his neck. The time was 4:09 N.E Standard. All Jom knew is that he had a hell of a lot of work to do.




Elsewhere in the galaxy....

Saritus put away the Pendant that was identical to Joms, she knew with this, that she wouldn't have to worry about him, for she would always be with him, to protect and to comfort.