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The first short story I wrote.
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The first short story I wrote.
The Second Short Story I Have Written
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Shattered Souls: The Harrimitsu Conflict



Chapter 1.A- The contact

Time: 3:71 N.E standard

Location: Haung Zen Quadrant

The Haung Zen quadrant, the last place any self-respecting law man wants to be. The remnants of old earth society live here. As read in many old film books and plaz-pads, the old earth ethnicities known as the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans were desperately trying to flee religious persecution and inquisition when the New Order (Circa 3000-5500 A.D) called that only Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, would be the only religions allowed on old earth and its colonies. So they fled to this sector of space. Tens of millions of immigrants heading here, it is now considered the most populated sector of space. An old Japanese crime family called the Yakuza became power hungry and took over the quadrant. They now run it under a new name, The Harrimitsu Doctrine. Three ruling families from each race rule over them all, as a Republic Democracy. The Fwang family, from Korea, The Ling from China, and The Harrimoto, from Japan. This sector makes constant stand offs to the Karanos... resulting in cataclysmic aftermaths....


That's what the damn film books say, but why the hell is I running smuggled medical supplies to this place? Ah hell, the pay is good at least. Sgt. Jom has got himself into a tricky deal this time. He has to smuggle high priced Medical supplies to the Harrimoto family to prevent their greatest grandfather from dieing. They wanted the best, so they sent him a request via holo-net. They said they would have some more work if they liked what he brought. 10,000 creds for this, I think I deserve a little more Nell chimes is, Well sir, judging on the situation and people you are dealing with, I assume you must gain more of their respect before a bigger check comes your way Jom replies, Ya know, where always a pain in the ass? Or do you just like to state the obvious? Nell goes into her automated response: I am a programmed assistant... Jom buts in I serve the United Governments Personal blah blah blah Yes sir, you know this very well don't you? Nell says. Thats right baby, being with you this long has taught me a lot about computers and female A. I Jom chuckles. Nell stops for a second... Wait what are you implying? Is it that I am defective? Jom laughs, Oh Nell I dont think youll ever understand human humor. How many parsecs until we hit Haung Hei? Jom asks. Three hundred sir, another 8 hours... you should get some sleep sir. Nell suggests. All right, good idea, wake me seven, got it? Yes sir, Goodnight.



Chapter 1.b- The contact

Time: 10:71 N.E Standard

Location: The Orbit/planet of Haung Hei



Jom awoke to the faint sound and glow of his red caller button. It just kept blinking in his face. Click, click, click, click. For a second Joms mind raced and brought him back to past events. Click, click, click... It rung in his head... The same clicking that the Scylean hordes made to communicate. He was in a trance. He suddenly grabbed a floor lamp and began to strangle it violently. Just as it happened, it was over. He found himself with he lamp in his hands. He looked disturbed, as if he had seen ghosts. It happens to him often, these little pocket flashbacks. Jom shook it off and proceeded out to the main deck. On the Dauntless Wind, the usually rough passages through warp space were almost pleasant. The ship was an another one of the United Governments Secret Weapons. Taking on the form of a defiant class gun cruiser, this one had been modified excessively. It had radar jammers, all types of illegal frequency scanners, illegal smooth bore rotating rail drivers, and many other thousands of illegal and highly experimental equipment. What is most impressive, is its ability to carry a special, very exotic warhead. These were the experimental Shield Jumper Apocalypse class nuclear warheads. With the unique ability to phase shift, this weapon has become a legend. It has an almost unreal kiloton yield. One thousand-Kiloton Yield. Enough to make a Jupiter size planet explode into micro dust. Jom has used these warheads in his Karanos Battleship hunting. Every ship of the Karanos has a protective shield. Conventional ship based weapons have no effect against it. Only large kilowatt ship based Las-Cannons can get through the shield. The Jumper warhead can phase through the shield and detonate from with in. The shield can hold the blast in, but not with out a cost. A large E.M.P goes out and disables or fries all electronics. Again, the Dauntless Wind has its immunities. Status check Nell Jom inquires. One standard hour sir. Nell replies. Right, start first round of landing preparations, shut down the warhead tubes, conceal the rail drivers, etc, etc Yes sir! Nell responds.

We are in Orbit, prepare to land, snatch gear out, all hatches closed, were going in Joms last words before the Dauntless Wind goes careening down through the Atmosphere.


The Dauntless Wind lands safely, as the magnetic catchers lowered him down. Jom lifts the cargo hatch and removes the cargo, it was almost hilarious in a way, he didn't need a grav trolley or anything, it was just a small box. Jom wanted to see what was really inside, but he would breaking a big rule, Never look in the package. Jom began his long walk to the Royal Palace. He set the waypoint on his Monocular. As Jom walked the Capitol of Neo Beij-Tokyo he was astounded by the old earth charm the city had. Wooden buildings, tall spirit towers, actual stone statues. So many happy faces, so many people living, as they will, trading, laughing, drinking, and doing everything which no one has any time for anymore. Jom actually had a feeling of not wanting to leave this place. Men pulling wooden carts with people in the back, chickens, yes-actual real chickens, not those revived by D.N.A chambers, horses, and donkeys, all natural and real. Jom felt his excitement for once. This place had its rustic charm. People everywhere, so kind. As he walked down the Road to the capitol, it felt like everyone had been expecting him with an open heart. People giving him food, beads, old earth religious bracelets and symbols. Jom didnt know their language, but they could see his great fullness. Children, men. Women all waved to him, like it was a party; he actually smiled for the first time in a while. As he drew near, it seemed that more people were there to wave and greet and give. Jom must have walked for at least three hours; all the people just kept coming, and as he reached the gates of this magnificent palace that stood millions of feet in the air, he was welcomed with a parade and celebration. Old earth customs came alive as he walked through the courtyard. Many men dressed as an old earth dragon, fire works, ceremonial dances, everything. Jom was in a state of confusion, what was with the great party? Was he an old hero, or what? Did all these people know who he really was... no. Jom kept walking until he reached the Palaces grand doors. He stood, as the entire planet around him celebrated. He was suddenly lifted up in the air by a platform. Around him the air was filled with color, and then he was facing a royal deck. There was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and some of the fanciest clothing he had ever seen. The girl walked up to him and extended her hands. Instinctively, Jom held out the box, but she shook her head in a no fashion. Jom was confused again. She signaled him to get off the platform. He walked off, and it flew away at the speed of light. A child came over to him, he looked about ten and walked up to Jom and bowed to him. Jom bowed even deeper to him. He was the prince of this planet. Then the Prince spoke. Jom Qygor, of the planet Hope, I would like to thank you for bringing this medicine to us, you have saved the eldest in our family, my thanks to you Jom stood there astounded... how did they know? Then the woman came over and kissed him on the cheek, bowed to him, and then put a medal around his neck. This medal had the families crest on it, A dragon with flames, and on the sides was inscribed The one who has brought life and freedom. Then she spoke. I princess Kamakari would like to thank you with this medal, and a grand banquet in your name. The eldest council demands it. And with that Jom heard the many thousands of voices from the people repeat the inscribed phrase over and over again. Jom never expected this, but he still did not know why this sector was so dangerous. Jom felt a tear came out of his left eye, he quickly wiped it away. He didn't acknowledge it, he didn't feel it, but the princess did. The price then spoke again. Come Jom, let the Banquet begin, and let the people celebrate in your name Jom nodded almost like he was numb. As he entered the palace it seemed like it was made of gold it self, so incredible golden. Jom was shocked beyond anything. When he entered the dining room, he had no shock left in him, a table longer that the barrel of Psycho class artillery gun. And with it, thousands of people dancing and cheering, like there was no tomorrow. As Jom took a cart to his seat, people waved and cheered as he passed. They repeated the chant to him. As he took his next to the princess and beside the prince who was at the head, next to his father, the great king. EVERYONE SIT! The king boomed, and with that, all were seated. The king was speaking basic English, so Jom was relived. Then the king looked at Jom, and then to his subjects. Let us celebrate this day, let us celebrate! This man has traveled across the multi-verse for us to bring us the medicine to save our eldest! Let us be thankful that he was the man with the courage to brave the wilds of the warp! Let us rejoice! Let us pray and be thankful for our good will! Let us feast in our heroes name! At the end of that it seems as if the whole hall exploded with cheers, and the feast began. These people where nothing like he had thought, nothing like the film books had said. It was all wrong; they were a kind people who had changed their ways entirely. There were no stand offs to everyone, yet at least. As Jom began to eat, the king looked at him, and then spoke. I believe you are a man that can get things done. I have another proposition for you. Jom looked up at the king. With all due respect my kind, but what kind of proposition the king looked sad as he began to talk. The Karanos finally made a move on us; there are four battleships in this sector. They are starting to force our peaceful worlds to mine and work for them. The king paused, and continued again. I am afraid that they will destroy our culture. Jom give the king a smirk. Four battle ships your highness Yes, but they are different. They are bigger, and have an unholy weapon that defiles planets, if we do not bow down to them, they will surely destroy us all. Jom looked at the kind. Your highness, I need you to put a rearming barge near the four battleships, and I will need fifty of your best men or woman that are willing to fight. Jom said. What are you planning to do Sir Jom? The King asked. Do what I do best your highness, blast them into oblivion. Jom gets up, and the princess did too. She looked at him with a kind of look in her. I am coming with Sir Jom, like it or not. The princess said in serious tone. As long as you can fight, your highness. Jom, The princess, and fifty of the kings finest troops came with him. All of the troops came dressed with a neo-Samurai look, all wielding their traditional Las-gun Katanas'. He directed the Troops to the cargo bay, and the princess to come with him. Nell ready all systems for take off then combat, we got four new battleships to hit . Copy that sir. Nell replied. As Jom asked, the rearm platform was there at his given coordinates.

As Jom and his weary crew approached the Battleships, he laughed; the Princess gave him a bad look. Don't worry princess, Im not laughing at anyone, it just these are defiler variants of the standard Battleships. Their shields are strong, but they have gun batteries, due to need of energy for shooting the defile cannon. Jom explained. The princess gave Jom a nod. Jom activated his com to the troops. Ladies and gentlemen, hold on for all your worth, we are going in!

The Dauntless Winds sub drives pushed the cruiser too speeds deemed impossible for a ship its size. Jom raced into the first battleship. The K.M.S Valiant Steed. Jom dove right for it. The battleship noticed this and started to fire at him with its small guns. Jom turned on some old earth music known as rock. The song was called By the way and that was that was known about it. Jom dove the ship too close to the battleship. Too close for anyone's comfort but his own. Jom pulled up and blasted his first warhead off. The warhead flew for a moment, the phase in through the shield. What no one knows, is that the warhead phases into the ship core, causing it to explode. As Jom blasted away, they was a faint thud, and it seemed all of space turned white for a moment. Then a ripple of hell energy came from the shield as it held the explosion and then evaporated. HA HA, ONE DOWN 3 TO GO BABY! YEEEHAW! Jom yelled at the top of his lungs, as the princess held her ears shut. Sir Jom, do you mind not yelling! She yelled to Jom. Sorry! Just to Joms luck, the rest of the ships turned towards his frigate. Over the Com came a voice from the Karanos. Usurper cease and desist and prepare for boarding, if you resist you will be destroyed. This is Captain Ulleck, under the Direct command of Annley Stryfe, any disturbance of this operation will result in punishment. Hey Captain Ulleck, you got any guns on that barge, or are you going to have to ram me? Come and get me asshole! Jom retorts over the com. YOU WILL BE DESTROYED FOR THAT! Then the com shut off. Heh, come and get me Jom says to himself. All the ships started to converge on him. Just as he planned, Jom made them all turn onto him. Jom then began his next almost suicide dive towards the K.M.S Graceful Crane. Jom again was too close to the shields, the troopers in the cargo hold were getting sick from all of Joms crazy maneuvers. Again he hit sub-space and just at the right time, sent another war head into the shield. The warhead phased, and went through to become one with the battleship. Another apocalyptic explosion went off. Space went white, shockwaves were felt, the shield twisted and churned with the payload then evaporated. The E.M.P hit the two other battleships, crippling them to nothing more then floating debris. Jom punched the com, Alright troopers, get ready, were going inside the belly of the beast Yes Sir Jom! All the troopers in the com replied. Jom maneuvered the Dauntless Wind into the K.M.S Specters docking bay. The battleships had a total of 25 personal on them. Most of the systems were automated and needed little attention from humans. Joms band of 52 stormed the command room. It was a short fire fight, the troopers were to intimidating. Commander Ulleck was now part of the Haung Zen space force. Jom had captured to Karanos Battleships for the king and ruling families.

Jom departed the planet sadly. The princess had fallen in love with him in the last minutes of , she confessed it to him. Jom just said what he always said. Listen, baby, I love you too, but I cant settle down yet, I have to keep going, I have a lot of things to do before I kick my feet back and relax. But I promise Ill be back someday, promise. After that there was another party and banquet and inauguration of the New Star Fleet. The Princess gave him a necklace of her own, she said to wear it all the time so he would never leave her, and she would never leave him. Jom looked at the planet for one last time, got into the Dauntless Wind, and blasted off into the sun.