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About me (Mostly)

City of Villians Character Pix
The first short story I wrote.
The Second Short Story I Have Written
Beavis and Butthead Page

This is just a little bitty tiny wee bit about me and my life.


This is the best Pic I could find of myself. One of the Uber lame confessions I have to make. I wish I was a terran Marine. Heh, Im pathetic, Aren't I?

I am a fifteen year old guy from New Canaan Ct. (Tiny rich town in the middle of nowhere). I live with my mom and dad, I have three pets. I hope one day to either join the marines and goto Annopolis or Westpoint academy, (Cause my awsome Uncle Andy is Seabee!) Or I'll try my best to become a comedian/Monty Python like person. I know that these two are the opposite ends of the ladder, but its what I want to do right now. People tell me I should go into Stocks and stuff. I HATE CUBILCES AND FAX MACHINES! 
Over the past while I have been writing a book and some short stories. I call it the Shatterd Souls Seris. (Copyright 2003)  Its going to be a bit before I finish the book, but I have a few short storys done, and I'll post them on this website.
Perosnality wise:
Fun, funny, laughs easily, has some good jokes, Can impersonate, vivid imagination, happy most of the time. He He He.

My Favorite Bands:
Linkin Park
Franz Ferdinand
Blink 182
Uncle Krakcer
Hootie and the Blowfish
And many more, I just dont have enough time to put them all down, but I assure you, theres alot more.